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Magnetic data assumed
Type, dimensions, shape, dimensional tolerance, etc.
Example :
NF-40, type D φ20*3t (ALL+-0.1)
NF-40, type DH φ40(+0/-0.1)*φ20(+0.1/-0)*10t(+-0.1)
Direction of magnetization
Example :
Direction of thickness: Diametrical, two poles on one side
Thickness = N-S in five directions
Diametrically = N-S in the direction of φ10
Example :
If you wish to use a set of magnets, please specify the number of magnets and number of sets as well.
Priority Delivery date Cost
Operating conditions
(such as temperature, humidity and atmosphere)

Example :
- The temperature will rise by nearly 100ºC.
- It will be used in water.
- We need 3,000 Gauss.
Special remarks
[Handling of personal information] Sagami Chemical Metal Co., Ltd. considers properly protecting and correctly handling personal information to be its social obligation.  To fulfill that obligation, we observe all relevant laws, work to properly control personal information, and will do its utmost to protect such information.
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