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 Introduction to our ferrite processing factory (in Japan)
 Introduction to our neodymium magnet factory (in China)



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What we can offer is only possible from a manufacturer having factories in Japan and China

Introduction to our ferrite processing factory
The ferrite processing factory is divided efficiently into a department for standard processing and a department for precision processing.
ferrite processing factory
Each department meets the demand for small-lot, multi-variety products and mass-produced products, and under the motto of "Send good products to the next process," takes full advantage of 30 sliders along with double-head grinders, vertical grinders, centerless grinders and other equipment, working day by day to achieve high precision and high quality, and meeting orders with short lead times with a few select personnel.

Introduction to our neodymium magnet factory
neodymium magnet factory
Company overview
Company name : Beijing Sagami Metal Co., Ltd.
Company style : 100% Japanese Equity
Sagami Chemical Metal Co., Ltd. (100%)
Registered fund : 32.69 million renminbi
Date established : June 15, 1991
Scope of management : Precision processing of neodymium, samarium cobalt and other materials; development and production of parts and equipment based on surface-treated permanent magnets
Number of employees : About 200
Seven Japanese
resident personnel :
- Managing Director
- Vice Managing Director/Plant Manager
- General Manager of Administration
- Quality Assurance Manager
- Particular Manager of Technical Plating
- Operating Dept.
- Quality Assurance Dept.
Technical guidance : - Technology in general
- Surface treatment
- Analysis and measurement
Production capacity : 360 tons (30 tons per month)
Factory headquarters : Materials, processing, inspection and shipping
Branch factory : Plating process
Production characteristics : Basic production equipment : made in China
Special process equipment : made in Japan
Analysis inspection equipment : made in Japan
Present conditions :
Technical level
Mass production :
NF35-50, NF35M-50M, NF30H-48H
NF30SH-44SH, NF30UH-44UH, NF28EH-35EH
Certification under ISO 9001: September 5, 2005
Certification agency : Beijing Xingguo Global Certification Co., Ltd.
Certification number : 01705Q11514ROM
Address : 101301
No.15 Dong Ying Road, Zhao Feng Industry, Zhao Quan Ying, Shun Yi Dist. Beijing, 101301, China
Company development
1990 Established a joint venture company between Beijing Zhongke Sanhuan High-Tech. Co., Ltd. under the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Sagami Chemical Metal Co., Ltd.
1991 Founded San Huan Sagami New Technology Co., Ltd. with capital of 16.69 million renminbi (Japanese 65%, Chinese 35%).
1992 Changed its capital ratio (Japanese 68%, Chinese 32%).
1998 Established a new processing factory and increased its processing production capacity.
1999 Built a new surface treatment factory and increased its surface treatment production capacity. Due to redevelopment of the development district where the factory was located, the factory gave up 2,700 m2 of space to make room for a road extension. The factory then received a notice of eviction for entire land readjustment.
2000 Introduced analyzers, hydrogen treatment furnaces and other equipment to increase quality control and development capacities. The Chinese side listed itself on the Shanghai Stock Exchange under the name of Beijing Zhongke Sanhuan High-Tech. Co., Ltd. under the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
2004 Expanded its molding equipment and processing machinery to increase its manufacturing technology.
2005 Built a new factory in the Shunyi District due to eviction and relocation of the surface treatment factory. Increased production capacity and fully equipped itself with drainage treatment equipment to take environmental measures.
Decided to move to District C of the airport in the Shunyi District, and obtained land for it. Obtained certification under ISO 9001.
Increased its capital by 16 million renminbi and changed its capital ratio. The new capital is 32.69 renminbi (Japanese 84%, Chinese 16%).
2006 Moved to the new corporate buildings.
2008 Beijing San Huan Sagami New Technology Co., Ltd. has obtained certification of ISO 14001 and QC 080000(Eu RoHS).
2011 San Huan Sagami has obtained Certification of Cleaner Production.
2013 Obtained ISO/TS16949.

Established Beijing Sagami Metal Co., Ltd.
Sagami Chemical Metal Co., Ltd. took capital ownership and reorganized into Beijing Sagami Metal Co., Ltd.
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